Creating Feel Good Sales

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All the Holistic and heart-based entrepreneurs I know are driven by a deep love for the work they do. They feel their way in life. If they don’t like the feeling of being sold to, they often create a mindset that selling is bad. Therefore, when they go sell their service they feel bad about themselves. Sound familiar? This is a very uncomfortable situation. The reality is, to stay in business, you have to make sales. If you have the mindset that selling is pushy or manipulative, then your business will struggle. You will to do everything possible to make sure you don’t have time to sell.


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What is the #1 thing you can do today to bring in money to your business? Likely, it is to call someone who needs your service. Sounds so simple, but you procrastinate. Instead of picking up the phone, you do what you do best: learn more about your craft, organize your information, take growth and development trainings, buy information products and other ‘how to’ guides. All of these activities have made you amazing at what you do. You are likely light years ahead of your competition in terms of expertise and genius, yet your competition is closing the deal, bringing in the money, and expanding their businesses. They may not be as good as you at what they do, but they have something you don’t …. a positive mindset about sales and marketing.


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Marcia Martin teaches that we have a deeply rooted cultural belief that someone else can make you do something you don’t want to do. In other words’ “the salesman made me do it.”  She says, “we live in a universe where the concept of sales is an excuse from responsibility. Anytime we do not want to be responsible for our choices, this reality is proven to be true.” The truth is, each of us is responsible for our own choices. No one can make us do anything.

Sales conversations feel uncomfortable because you are expecting to be rejected and you fear not being liked. Trying to sell your service from this space makes you seem insecure. Even though you are just nervous about selling, all that negative energy skews the perception of your prospect. Imagine being asked on a date by a potential suitor. If the person approaches you seeming uncomfortable in their own skin, will you be inspired to trust, open up, and say ‘yes’?

Before you start a sales call, get in touch with a belief in yourself and your abilities, and set the intention to find out if you and your prospect are a good match.


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A good match is a healing relationship. When you express your unique talents and gifts it feels like you are contributing to the world. When your prospects can see, acknowledge, and expand their reality with your service you’ve created an experience that transcends price comparison. I call it an orgasmic experience because you are expressing who you are, while at the same time satisfying your client’s needs and desires.

Finding people with shared values and a desire for your service is worth your time. Getting to know them makes it clear when you should turn down opportunities and when you should jump on them. Knowing your clientele helps you make stylistic choices in your marketing. Perhaps most importantly, it makes prospecting for sales a lot more fun.

Good business is built on relationships, not one time transactions. In a relationship, you learn your clients quirks, develop inside jokes, and get to know their fears and concerns intimately. You become a valuable part of their lives. Marketing and sales becomes an empathetic call to your people.

When you see how your work effects your client’s life, Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales conversions says, “it’s a dis-service to NOT make an offer.” If you have something that will help them create the life they desire and you don’t make an offer, who are you benefiting?  It’s not good for you and its not good for them.


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How to feel good about sales:

  • Understand the root of your bad feelings about sales
  • Change the way you think about selling
  • Get clear on who is the best match for your service and learn about them

Instead of thinking of sales as pushy and manipulative, think of it as leadership.  Inspire your customer by re-framing their dreams and aspirations clearer than they can.

How do you feel about sales?  Comment below.

  • Suzanne

    Hi Jenn, Great post!

    Sale to me feels so much better when I am being pursued by the prospective client, vs me being the pursuer.  I love the sales conversation if they call me first!  And I have a pretty good conversion rate.    Cold calling has this feeling of being a predator.  Ick – who wants to be that?

    • Jenn Morgan

      Hey you! Thanks for checking out my post. Its an honor to have you reading my thoughts on sales since I  know you rock in this area…. pretty good conversion rate? – You have a fantastic closing rate!

      Cold calling… yes, I hear you… yuck.. I always wonder about tele-marketing. It must work or else companies would stop doing it, right? One of my friends told me that his partner had such a bad habit of buying things from people who called on the phone, that they had to forbid him from answering the phone!

      I’ve found that if I’ve made a connection with someone, then when I call them, they are really happy to talk with me. I put a lot of energy into figuring out if we are a good fit before I make the call, then it feels like a warm call ;)

      Thanks for your comment ;)

  • Adam

    I like the thought of service through sales.  If I know that the person I’m “selling” to can truly live a better life if they were to buy my service, then it’s not sales at all, right?  Certainly a page right out of “Sell is Not a 4-letter-word.”  

    Conversely, if I view being “sold to” through the same lense – how can I be served by this product or service? – then my bad feelings about sales can only melt away. 

    Great conversation Jenn!  muah!

    • Jenn Morgan

      Hi Adam! Absolutely :) I like your spin…. “will this offer serve me now?” or “is my product/service going to be in the highest good of this person right now?” Both of these perspectives put you in the position of advisor and trusted friend….

      Thank you so much for your comment!